jay or hank?

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jay or hank?

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i'm torn between seeing jay farrar or hank III friday night... never seen either...any suggestions? (both shows are $15, but i have a cheap beer hook up @ the hank show...)

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If you're feelin' all introspective and morose, yet still hold out hope for a Neil Young-like guitar skronk at some point, go see Jay. If you want to drink cheap beer and really enjoy it in all of its honky tonk glory, go see Hank III.
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The above drivel belongs to me. Forgot to log in.

hank or jay?

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I love Jay....that being said..go see Hank..
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Go with Hank, way more fun and not all sounding the same. Jay needs to be reintroduced to the electric guitar as far as I'm concerned.

Oh to have these kind of dilemmas. But when you live in Northern Canada whadda ya expect I guess.
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