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This is the place for publicists and artists to let people know about their bands and websites and shows and stuff. If you're going to hype your shit, this is the place to do it.

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Melted Mailbox

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This is a new mail out music singles club featuring six 12" thick colored vinyl featuring today's finest experimental & psychedelic artists. Back side of vinyl will be etched.

Series one will feature unreleased tracks on limited edition etched vinyl from six artists including: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti; Arrington De Dionyso; Carlos Giffoni; Dino Felipe; Keith Fullerton Whitman; Sunroof!

Ariel Pink: “epic 17-minute Prog-Pop suite, literally recorded September 11th 2001, inspired and addressing the hot-off-the-press adrenaline rush of our nation in shock, caught in real time.” -Ariel Pink It is incredible! a brilliant pop masterwork!

Arrington de Dionyso: old time relijun mastermind offers up a mystery of throaty free-jazz.

Carlos Giffoni: the mindmelting noise-genius promises that “it will be 100% analog.”

Dino Felipe: an interwoven 7track ep that really shows his mastery & control of genre-bleeding.

Keith Fullerton Whitman: “it's about 15 minutes long - mostly guitar/computer music with a bit of analog. pretty damn nice sounding right now. an epic, even…” -kfw a stunning drone piece from one of the most gifted minds in electronic music.

Sunroof!: One of the noisiest Sunroof! tracks I’ve ever heard. I nearly cried when I heard it the first time. Seriously amazing! Matthew Bower is a total badass.

There are Three Bi-monthly mailings, $70 US $90 Outside of US.
First Installment mails out in July!
Subscription Includes:
Official Melted Mailbox Membership Card
Melted Mailbox Stickers
Hand made Box
Hand made Packaging
Melted Mailbox poster by Cody Hoyt (
six 12" one-sided etched LPS
corresponding postcards by photographers Tim Guillen (Miami, FL)
CRS from Unannounced Contributors
Pins and Buttons
Bonus MP3s
Various Surprise goodies
Shipping and Handling

For more info visit:
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Spam, anyone?

It's not the product that we object to, kind sir/madam; it's the methodology. We've never seen you 'round these parts, and the first thing you do is try to sell us something. Sorta gauche, dontcha think? It's like that leisure-suited guy you run into at your favorite bar who wants to sell you insurance so that you never have to live in fear of nasty hangnails again. You kinda relish squashing 'em like a bug, right?

EDIT: I was wrong to be so mean-spirited; this doesn't fit the definition of spam at all. These records are released from a cool place, not a crass one. I was a douchebag for writing the above paragraph, and I reallly shouldn't have said that.
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not spam / just looking to influence music and art

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I don't think its gauche. If you are lacking money wise and only have a few resources to promote something with, i feel like messages boards are a substantial way to get people to talk about your idea. It isn't only that I would like people to subscribe to my product, because maybe they can't: but it's at least a good way to get the word out.

I'm far away from ever being the leisure-suited guy you run into at your favorite bar.

As far as that goes. I'm not the bug you want to squash. I'm simply trying to do something creative for the world and hoping people would love to support it.

But thank you for replying, because maybe people will even talk about it after this: regardless if positive or negative.
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